These Siblings Just Have One Simple Request For The Rest Of Their Lives

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These Siblings Just Have One Simple Request For The Rest Of Their Lives

When 5 kids were removed from their mother's care over a year ago, the siblings were all sent to different foster homes.

The kids aged 2 to 11, only have one wish for the rest of their lives: they want to be adopted together.

The Kansas City Star, their local newspaper, ran the kids in their weekly feature "Family Wanted," which highlights kids who are in need of families.

Since the kids were featured in the paper, more than 4 MILLION people have looked at their profile and over 3,000 people have sent in requests to adopt the siblings.

"So many people were able to instantly see these children in their family, and after learning more about the kids by reading their bios, that desire to adopt them grew," says Theresa Freed, the communications director for the Kansas Department For Children and Families. "This is a special group of children that will be a blessing to a special family, someday soon."


Of the 3,000 on the list, 7 families are now in the final vetting process to adopt these five kids.

The siblings, Bradley, 11, Preston, 10, Layla, 8, Landon, 6, and Olive, 2, were each given small biographies in the Kansas City Star which helped people understand their personalities.



"Bradley, the music lover, is 11. He is a bit shy and quiet but those who know him say he's respectful, sweet and kind. He feels confident in his math and science abilities and loves a good game of soccer or tether ball."



"Preston, 10, is an energetic animal lover and outdoor enthusiast. He loves fishing and exploring whenever the weather permits. He collects Pokémon and likes to play tetherball in the backyard."



"Layla, 8, enjoys hip-hop dance, is kind and caring and already planning to save sick or injured animals when she grows up. She works hard at her school work and makes friends easily. She loves being active in sports like baseball and volleyball."



"Landon, 6, wants to teach physical education when he grows up. He enjoys racing his brothers and collecting Pokémon cards. He considers himself a fast runner and a hard worker. He also loves the outdoors and going on adventures."



"Rounding off this sibling group is 2-year-old Olive. She is a champion at doing all things that 2-year-olds do. When she slows down long enough she loves to be cuddled and held."

"I want to live like a family and do sports and go on vacations," says Landon.

"It would be nice to have my own bedroom and my own space," says Layla, "and I would like to do gymnastics. See, I can do the splits."

When all is said and done, all these kids want to is be kids again.

"We're excited for their future," Freed says, "and it's our hope the tremendous outpouring of love for five unknown children will carry over to the hundreds of other children in Kansas who are currently waiting to be adopted."

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