These Super Powerful Berries Are What Every Diabetic Must Eat To Feel Better

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These Super Powerful Berries Are What Every Diabetic Must Eat To Feel Better

If you've got diabetes, you know that the only way to feel 100% is to manage a healthy diet, take your insulin and exercise regularly.

But you might not know that these powerful berries pack an extra punch for diabetics.

Having diabetes shouldn't stop you from enjoying the best life has to offer. Include this Power Food into your daily meals and you'll be feeling energized, recharged and ready for anything!

If you don't already know, cranberry and blueberry juice reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing bad cholesterol and maintaining good cholesterol. They also lower blood pressure.

Even more importantly, according to Diabetic Seniors, Cranberry and Blueberry juice also helps insulin sensitivity!

These two super berries contain a powerful antioxidant known as resveratrol.

"Studies on animals have shown that resveratrol improves insulin resistance, leading to healthier glucose levels. This could be great news for the millions of Americans with Type 2 diabetes because insulin is necessary to create energy. Red wine, peanuts, and blueberries also contain this property."

People with Type 2 diabetes could benefit from the extra boost of insulin and feel more energized by including these berries in their diet.

Remember to test your insulin levels before consuming these juices - especially if you drink sugary cocktail mixes of the juice. It's better to drink the straight juice cut with water to be on the safe side.

Although they are good for your health, drinking these juices while your insulin levels are high could do more harm than good.