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Killers Partied With The Bodies Of Her Dead Grandparents

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Grandparents and grandkids are supposed to have a special bond. Their house is the one we run to when we need that extra love and support. Grandparents deserve our love, attention and respect - which is what makes any crime committed against grandparents so heinous.


While any crime is awful, a case in Georgia is particularly troubling. Two grandparents are dead, at the hands of their 17-year-old granddaughter and her 19-year-old boyfriend. The troubled teen admits to the killings, saying that the couple also planned to kill her mother and her boyfriend's family.

No motive was ever established for the killings.


Family Violence

Johnny Rider and his girlfriend Cassie Bjorge were arrested after the pair assaulted Rider's sister with pepper spray and baseball bats. Rider's sister, Mindy, said she came home to find her room trashed, with several items missing. She and her boyfriend confronted Rider, which is when the attack began.

He sprayed the pair with pepper spray and then began hitting the boyfriend. He yelled for Cassie to get a baseball bat. Mindy tried to stop the attack, but Bjorge turned on her, hitting her repeatedly on the head and back.

Tomoko Rider, Johnny's mother, called 911 and he and Bjorge fled.

Bodies Discovered

Cop Car

Police arrived and found A Mazda SUV belonging to Wendy and Randall Bjorge. Cops had done a welfare check on the couple earlier in the week, but weren't able to reach the pair. Finding the car at the scene of a violent assault raised serious concerns about their safety.

Police entered the home of the Bjorges and made a disturbing discovery. They found the elderly couple dead, "obviously murdered" as one cop put it.They are believed to have been deceased for days.

Police Standoff

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