These Two Disabled Cats Are Best Friends For Life

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These Two Disabled Cats Are Best Friends For Life

Some people seem destined to be together, and it's the same way with animals. We've told you before about Able the t-rex cat, who's learned to walk around on two legs after losing his front ones in an accident.

Well, now Able has an adorable new sibling: Fin Fin, a calico whose back legs are paralyzed. While they only have 4 working lets between the pair of them, these little cats still get up to lots of trouble and have fun playing together.

Thankfully, their owner loves to get all of their hijinks on video for us to enjoy. The most impressive part is how fast Fin Fin can move by dragging himself around!

As you can see, not even a staircase can stop these two from having a good time. It's pretty inspiring how they've both learned their own unique ways to get around in spite of their conditions, and it's really adorable how much they care for each other.

Their amazing friendship proves there's someone out there all of us are destined to meet!

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