They Are Changing The Recipe Of Your Favorite Chocolate Bar


They Are Changing The Recipe Of Your Favorite Chocolate Bar

Warning! The best chocolate bar out there may never be the same again. Nestle has announced their decision to change the recipes of several of their most popular products.

Nestle is the manufacturer of Kit Kats, Aeros and many other of your favorite treats and they have decided by next year they will have changed the recipes to contain 10% less sugar.

This 10% reduction equals about 7.500 tonnes of sugar that will be left out of the candy bars. They are hoping to have an impact on "public health" with their decision.

Fiona Kendrick, CEO and chairman of Nestle UK and Ireland says that "Our confectionery brands have been enjoyed in the UK for more than a century and we know that if we can improve these products nutritionally, provide more choice and information for the consumer... we can have a significant impact on public health."

She continued on by saying that they want to make their products better for the consumers. "These innovations will help us to reduce sugar in confectionery when they are combined with other, more common methods like reformulating recipes and swapping sugar for other, non-artificial ingredients."

What do you think about this? Is it their responsibility to make a healthier product or should they leave their recipes alone?

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