This Momma Elephant Will Stop At Nothing To Protect Her Baby [Video]

We like to think that humans are the only animals who really understand the importance of family, but this video proves that just isn't true.

When a young elephant calf injured his leg, he needed medical help as soon as possible. The problem is that baby elephants are always surrounded by very protective family members, including his mom.

From the moment these wildlife experts hit the calf with a tranquilizer dart, this protective parent and her family do everything they can to keep their baby safe.

Warning: the calf's leg injury is a little graphic.

They say that elephants are one of the smartest animals on the planet, and it's easy to believe after watching this.

Just look at the way the mother rocks her child back and forth to "wake him up," once he's tranquilized, or the way the herd try to frighten the rescuers away.

I'd definitely hate to be sitting in one of those jeeps when a ticked off momma elephant charges to protect her son!

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