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Rescue Organization Saves Stray Dog After Finding A Bottle Cap In Her Belly

Animal rescue group Hope for Paws is no stranger to getting called in to help a family of dogs but they weren't expecting this strange situation.

They arrived to investigate reports of a stray pit bull who had just given birth to puppies. They found the mother and managed to catch her with the help of some locals preventing her from escaping.

They managed to find the puppies. There were five of them but unfortunately one had passed away. they scooped up the little babies and brought them to the car with their mom who was happy to see them, but even happier to have human touch after all this time alone.

They gave them a bath to try to help with the fleas that were covering all the dogs, but then the mama pit bull started acting strange. They did an x-ray to see what was wrong with her and realized there was a foreign object in her stomach.

They realized that a cap from a bottle was lodged in her tummy and because they didn't want to put a nursing mother through surgery so they were forced to induce vomiting. Luckily she managed to get the bottle cap up and the puppies were able to be safe and sound with their mom.

Watch their story here and see how big the puppies are now! So cute!

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