They Found This Tiny Kitten In A Trash Can, But This Little Fighter Wouldn't Give Up

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They Found This Tiny Kitten In A Trash Can, But This Little Fighter Wouldn't Give Up

Amazing what a second chance can do! This little buddy had a rough start to his life, but now he is thriving and living large.

Yuri and his sister were found in a terrible condition. They were only about two weeks old when Max found them in a trash can by a sewer. They were filthy, full of fleas, and frighteningly emaciated.

They brought the little ones home and gave them a bath. "It was very obvious that he wanted to keep going. His life was full of a lot of turns for the worse but he somehow had the will to live," Max told Love Meow.

After many trips to the vet, they were still worried that his eyes wouldn't recover even if the kitten managed to survive. Max and Yuri refused to give up and so they kept up strict regimen to clean his eyes every three hours with warm water and a prescription cream.

Yuri got to go to work with Max's girlfriend everyday for two months to keep up the schedule. He needed a lot of special attention to make sure he would make it through, but they were devoted to his recovery.

They could always tell that he was fighting through because no matter what the vet said, he would still purr and cuddle up to his saviors.

One of his eyes managed to heal and the other had to get surgery on it to fix the eye socket. But now with his permanent wink, Yuri is doing so much better!

His special little expression brings joy to his family while he runs around and explores the house.

He has become such a handsome boy who has proved everyone wrong who thought he wouldn't pull through.

"He knew we were doing our best to save him so he did his best to fight to live."