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They Noticed A "Black Hole" In Their Smoke Detector, Then Confirmed Their Worst Fears

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A couple from Indiana thought they had planned their dream vacation in Florida, but it quickly turned into a nightmare.

This photo was captured from the hidden camera's perspective.ABC Action News

Derek Starnes and his wife did what so many couples do nowadays: they rented a holiday home using the app Airbnb, which lets users rent their homes or apartments to guests for short stays. The unsuspecting couple found a pleasant home in Longboat Key, Florida through the app.

But shortly after they unpacked their things, Starnes made an eerie discovery. In the master bedroom, the smoke detector in the ceiling had an extra feature that the couple weren't aware of: a hidden camera.

Starnes's tech skills helped him identify the hidden camera.ABC News

Derek, who works in IT, realized something was suspicious about the "black hole" on the side of the alarm, and after taking the system off the ceiling he discovered a camera inside, pointed at their bed, recording images on an SD card.  

The couple called police right away, and the authorities seized computers and data storage devices from the home owner. But when he was confronted, the man had a very unusual excuse for his invasion of privacy...

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