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They Say This 700-Year-Old Tree Put A Curse On Anyone Who Tried To Cut It Down

Take a walk throu the Northeast suburbs of central Osaka in Japan and you're bound to come across a pretty amazing sight.

The Kayashima Station was built around a tree so old, it is being called sacred. The large camphor tree is believed to be about 700 years old.

When the station opened in 1910, the tree was actually beside it.

Then, 60 years later, the pressure was on to cut it down.

Overcrowding and the increase in population called for an expansion project that would require the tree to be moved.

There was one problem though: the camphor tree was considered a local shrine and deity.

When the townspeople found out about plans to cut it down, tales began to spread about the tree being angry and curses befalling anyone who should try to cut its branches.

Not wanting to anger the tree, or the people, station officials agreed to build around it.

The magnificent tree still stands today in all it's ancient glory!

Do you believe that a tree could have magical powers?