Simon Tells Him To Stop Singing, But His Next Words Send Everyone Into Tears


Simon Tells Him To Stop Singing, But His Next Words Send Everyone Into Tears

Christian Burrows auditioned for Britain's Got Talent, holding onto a secret that would end up affecting his chances at moving forward.

The 19-year-old bartender was only young when his little brother, Nathan, passed away at just two months old. But the thought of what could have been still sits with Christian to this day.

When Christian was on the reality show, he stood in front of the panel of judges and sang a John Denver song. Simon stopped him, saying he wasn't quite sure of the singer's talent.

However, instead of saying no and moving forward with their auditions, Simon requested that Christian sing a new song instead.

Instead of choosing a song that was popular, Christian mentioned that he writes his own songs, drawing inspiration from Ed Sheeran.

The judges suggested he sing that song, but Christian seemed hesitant at first.

So why the hesitation?

"It's a song that means everything to me, and only my mum's heard it," he said. The song was about his brother Nathan, and the life they could have had together.

Simon said it was up to Christian if he wanted to sing it, but the young man felt he was ready.

The second he opened his mouth, the mood changed. There was a passion in his voice that wasn't there before. The judges were all moved to tears.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger had to wipe away tears while listening to Christian Burrows perform.

"I don't know how you did that, but I think it was important that you did do it actually because it told me who you were as an artist and actually as a person and you've got a real talent," said Simon.

Christian's family was all waiting in the wings. He is one of eight kids in the family, so the song hit everyone hard. But once he made it through, the entire group rushed in to congratulate their brother.

Take a look at the video. It's an emotional performance and one that will definitely go down as one of the most memorable in history.

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