They Thought It Was A Pile Of Trash, But Never Expected To Find This

Here's a heart-breaking stat for you: for every 1 homeless person, there are 5 homeless animals. These animals roam the streets looking for food, shelter, and warmth. But unfortunately, it doesn't always end well. It takes a lot of people rescuing homeless animals to keep them safe.

When the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals was patrolling the streets, they found what they believed to be a pile of trash on the road...until it moved.

This poor dog was matted from head to toe in mud and fur and could barely move due to the weight of it.

More than 50% of this poor dog's size was fur and dirt. He was terrified of the shaver, but eventually settled down after realizing he was being helped.

After a long time in the grooming chair, the cute little dog was able to get some well deserved rest! He was a completely different animal after being so well cared for, and now he is waiting to be adopted!

The transformation is incredible! If you can no longer take care of your animal, please call you local SPCA for help.

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