They Thought She Was Grieving Her Owner, But Her Puppies Cries Gave Away Her Secret

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They Thought She Was Grieving Her Owner, But Her Puppies Cries Gave Away Her Secret

When a dog was spotted hanging around a cemetery, people assumed it was spending time at it's owner's grave. It has happened in the past and it wasn't until someone stepped in to see if the dog was okay that they realized this dog had a bigger secret.

She wasn't there because she missed her owner, she was there because she had hidden her litter of puppies in the quiet cemetery and was trying to keep them safe. She was hungry and scared, but she stayed with her young pups and did what she could to find enough food for them.

After someone reported the puppies, animal rescuer, Vesna Mihajloski, stepped in. She agreed to foster the family of dogs until the puppies were ready to find homes.

This poor stray mama was nervous when they tried to pick her up. They took their time and were able to lure her out along with her four puppies. They brought her home and started the process of making them feel safe and happy.

They named the mama Veca, and the four puppies Grace, Boomer, Freddie and Petra. Veca was having a hard time trusting, she just wanted to protect her puppies. Over time she started to accept the attention a little better. She realized that they were helping her and her babies so she no longer worried about the puppies.

Mihajiloski stuck with them as they grew up, making sure they were all okay. Freddie got sick with a virus but with some special attention he was able to pull through just fine.  

All four puppies are looking for new forever homes now, but with strict conditions to help ensure they will have the great life that they deserve.