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They Were Going To Become Meat, But Now They Are Getting A Second Chance

After discovering a farm in the north of Seoul, the Humane Society International knew they needed to step in. They found 46 dogs who were not only underfed, but they were set to become meat in a matter of days.

They Humane Society has said that the farm where the dogs were kept had no ventilation and was like a dungeon. Spokeswoman Kelly O'Meara said that "there was very little light and little to no ventilation so the stench of ammonia would bring tears to your eyes when you walked through."

Eating dog meat is still pretty normal in east Asia, and in South Korea they even have a three day long festival where they serve various dog meat dishes.

While it is still common, the numbers are dropping. It was reported that the number of restaurants serving dog meat has lowered from 1,500 to 700 by 2015.

The animals will be brought to America to get taken care of and adopted as there is less demand for dogs as pets in South Korea. The farmers have agreed to close their farm and let the Humane Society fly all the pets out of the country.

Currently there are still 17,000 dog farms in South Korea which leads to 2 million dogs being used as meat.

At least they were able to save these guys and now they can all find wonderful homes.