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They Were Left For Dead Because Of A Rare Condition, But Now They're Thriving

Dora and Felix, a brother and sister cat duo, faced a hard life from the beginning. When they were just 5 weeks old, the two cats were abandoned on the streets of Australia with only each other to survive.

Luckily for Dora and Felix, someone saw them wandering the streets and picked them up. The cats were rescued, but little did they know, it was going to be a lot longer before they were truly safe.

The siblings were brought to the RSPCA's Blue Mountain shelter, where workers realized there was something seriously wrong with both of these cats.

Dora and Felix were born with a rare condition, which led them to be born without any eyelids.

If the condition went untreated, these cats would be blind within a year. But no one at the shelter was ready to give up on little Dora and Felix. Once they had gotten a little older, 6 months to be exact, both kittens were given surgery to fix their problems.

They were brought to the Eye Clinic for Animals, where a technique had been developed to solve this exact problem. It took hours, but the kittens woke up with brand-new eyelids, after tissue was taken from their mouth to build some from scratch. They could finally blink!

The Dodo

So where are Dora and Felix now?

Dora and Felix both made a full recovery and are now waiting to be adopted through the RSPCA. Workers are trying to get both cats adopted together, seeing as they've been through so much side-by-side.

The Dodo
The Dodo
The Dodo

If you're interested in adopting Felix and Dora, you can visit this website!

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