Things You Don't Appreciate Before You Have Kids


Things You Don't Appreciate Before You Have Kids

You don't really know how much having a child will change your life. From changes to your body, to new costs in your budget, to many, many, sleepless nights. When you hear people say, "Things will never be the same again" you don't know how true it is until you look back. So single friends, soak in these things, because after you have kids, those late Friday nights and lazy Saturday mornings are part of the past. While I admit that this 'advice' reeks of the old tired adage, "Just you wait..." , I don't expect that it will, in any way, impact your ability to cope once your leisurely weekend routines have been ripped away from you. But don't say, I didn't warn you.

Enjoy running errands by yourself. When you have carseats and strollers to contend with it can take twice if not three times longer to get something done. The more stops you make the harder it becomes. It's exhausting because now you're dealing with someone who is hungry, needs a diaper change or is just simply bored and doesn't want to be out.

Sleep is sacred. I think all parents can agree, they would prefer to forego the Friday night festivities and be happy to crash in bed at 8PM. Since you never know when you will be losing out on sleep next, get as much shut-eye as much as you can. There is no reason for you to feel guilty about heading to bed early, or if the baby magically sleeps an extra hour on on a Saturday, staying in bed yourself.

You think you're tired now. I remember before I had kids, I would complain about being tired. Working all day, going home, trying to make it to the gym, have a social life, it was all exhausting. Since having kids you are trying to do everything in that life, plus care for a child, or two. It's definitely not easy to find the balance (or make the time), and this constant state of tired is now your new norm.

Enjoy your dinner without sharing. After kids you will forever have little grubby fingers clawing at your dinner, or mouths open until you give up the last piece of chicken on your plate. When you head to restaurants, you can order them their own meal, but guaranteed they won't touch it and will want whatever you're having. I hope you're happy eating toddler food that's been pushed around on the plate, because you don't want to see that $7 go to waste.

Go to Happy Hour. Like every day. Happy hour is soon to be crappy hour and it will take at least 2 parents to wrangle in the kids. Us veteran parents refer to this time of day now was Witching Hour. That amazing time of day where a switch seems to go off in our kids where they are hungry, tired and just badly behaved between 4PM-6PM- every day. Whether it's your infant that just won't stop crying, or your toddler that thinks it's a good idea to argue with you about EVERYTHING. Remember when this time of day used to mean cheap drinks? I don't anymore.

Talking on the phone. Remember when you could carry on a conversation without someone shouting in the background they want to talk too, or they need you to wipe their nose, or they need you to come with them to the toilet? Yup, you and your friends now talk to each other in half sentences and you both just get it what each other means.

Going to the bathroom alone. "Mom? Where are you?" You thought you got away for a few seconds to pee? Nope. Nice try. Be ready to share every toilet experience with your child watching attentively. Sure, you can close the door, but no doubt those little fingers will be under the door faster than you can say Peanut Butter Sandwich. But then, after they have gone to bed, you look at your monitor of them sound asleep and don't wish for a single thing to be any different. Maybe we are all stuck by the hindsight trap, and none of can truly appreciate what we have until it's gone.