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7 Things You Were Always Told Were Against The Law, But Are Actually Totally Legal

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Most of us do our best to be decent citizens. We try to be nice to other people, we recycle, we use our turn signals, and in general the majority of us do our best not to break any laws.

But here's the thing, a lot of the laws you think you're following aren't actually real. Whether or not they are things you actually want to do is another story, but there are a lot of things that you could have sworn were illegal that actually are not.

While there are a lot of technicalities that will allow you to evade the law, it's always good to know what's actually illegal or not.

1. Cannibalism

That's right, technically cannibalism is A-OK in the eyes of the law, but there is obviously a catch. Murdering someone to eat their flesh is obviously illegal, but it's the murder not the actual consuming that the authorities have a problem with.

There's also another issue where it could count as "desecration of a corpse" in most states, but according to Cornell Law School there technically is no specific law that makes it illegal.

So while it's been made impossible to actually do it without breaking a different laws, it's kind of crazy that they didn't outlaw it on its own.

2. Owning a Monkey

Personally, this one stings a bit. I used to want a monkey so bad when I was a kid, and my parents always told me it was illegal. Well, turns out they just didn't want to own a monkey, which is honestly totally fair, but still.

Unless you live in New York, Alaska, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, and Vermont it's perfectly legal to own a pet monkey.

Oregon apparently has service monkeys too, so while monkey butlers are a thing from TV shows, it seems like some people are getting closer.

3. Corporal Punishment

I remember hearing all of those stories of kids getting hit with rulers or having to kneel on their fingers from my dad, but apparently many states still allow physical discipline in schools.

Whether it's a slap, paddling, or the old fashion ruler slaps, several states including Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Louisiana all allow corporal punishment.

4. Burying a Body at Home

While you may have heard that your body needs to be buried in a proper cemetery, there are several states that allow you to perform a home burial.

There are of course some restrictions when it comes to a home burial depending on the state, but mostly it has to do with zoning and making sure that the body is far enough away from water and landmarks.

They do however add the fact that a body was buried on your property to the deed so that if you sell your home, the new owners aren't suddenly surprised. It becomes illegal to dismantle a cemetery, so if the owners want to do any kind of changes they will have to go through a lengthy process.

5. Underage Drinking

There is a legal drinking age, but there is actually a loophole to it. While it's not legal to sell alcohol to minors, it is legal in 45 states for their parents to give them alcohol.

There are stipulations to the law though, depending on the state you're in. Some states allow for minors to drink alcohol only if it's for religious reasons, while others require that they have a medical reason.

The main thing seems to be that the parents need to consent to allowing their child to drink.

6. Sitting in the Bed of a Pickup Truck

Sitting in the bed of a pickup truck is a regular occurrence if you grew up in the country, but most people who do it often think that it's not allowed. Apparently it's totally okay in several states, but the rules vary by location.

Some places state that there must be no other alternative seats available, some say that it can only be for people over a certain age, and then others claim that it is only for employees or workers.

So check out your state's laws if you feel like you want to take a ride on the dangerous side.

7. Driving Naked

As with most of these, you're probably going to get caught on a technicality, but there is no law stating you have to wear clothes while you're behind the wheel.

The problem is that it's illegal to be nude outside of the car in most places because of public lewdness laws. So if you want to get into the car, strip down, drive, and redress when you arrive, you're all set.

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Had you realized that these things weren't illegal?