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This 90 Second Video Shows Just How Strong Moms Of Sick Kids Are

Moms watching everywhere know the heart-stopping fear when their baby runs a high fever. The worry is real for healthy children when they fall ill.

We often stay up late into the night with our sons and daughters, waiting for the fever to break, the vomitting to stop, and we know that it will. But, for a mother of a seriously sick child, the worry doesn't ever fade.

In honor of Mother's Day, SickKids Foundation released a 90-second commercial that will literally break your heart. It is such a raw depiction of the struggle that mothers of sick kids go through - often alone - every day.

There is a moment of hope though, and a message that say Moms truly are the strength that keeps families going through even the toughest of times.

The children's health nonprofit only asks that we stand together with the moms who would do anything to "help their kids get back to just being kids."

[h/t PopSugar]

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