This Adorable Butter Bunny Is A Must-Have For Easter


This Adorable Butter Bunny Is A Must-Have For Easter

Keller's Creamery

Easter is the type of holiday that has many different traditions. It's an important time of year to almost every religion, so there are many faith-based traditions that families observe, but there are also silly ones.

The Easter Bunny is obviously a beloved character for our children to look forward to seeing. Candy abounds and it's common to see kids covered in chocolate around Easter time.

Many families will sit down to a large Easter feast. My family does a ham, but there's all kinds of dishes set out for us to enjoy. Any feast is obviously just a chance to talk with the ones we love, but this year, I think I know what my family will be talking most about.

Keller's Creamery has been making a name for themselves by producing butter sculptures. These adorable and edible sculptures made of salted butter have so far come in Christmas tree shapes and in the shape of a Thanksgiving turkey.

This year they're releasing a special bunny butter sculpture for Easter.

"Keller's Creamery Bunny Shaped Butter is the perfect way to brighten up your Spring. Use the butter as a rich and creamy addition to any Spring or Easter-themed dish," they wrote on their website.

An individual bunny has about eight tablespoons worth of butter, so if you're having a larger get-together you might want to pick up two.  

There's no word yet on purchase specifics, like where you can get them or even how much they'll be. Last year the turkey sculptures were available at Walmart, so there's a good bet they'll be there again.

Keller's Creamery

The sculptures are surprisingly detailed, just as good, if not better, than the chocolate bunnies and turkeys you see in candy aisles. The price tag is likely to be a little higher than you'd normally pay for butter, but I say they're worth it!

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