This Car Refused To Pull Over For Cops. When They Finally Were Caught? Police Knew Why.

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This Car Refused To Pull Over For Cops. When They Finally Were Caught? Police Knew Why.

Police in Vietnam instructed a vehicle to pull over for a routine check, but the car refused to comply.

Officers chased the car down for miles before it ended up crashing into a parked car after police shot out the tires.

The two men in the car tried to escape, but police caught the driver and arrested him. The other suspect is still on the loose.

So why didn't the car pull over when told? What could they have been hiding? Police looked inside the vehicle and were shocked to see what was there.

Save Vietnam's Wildlife

Continue reading to find out what they found.

Inside, they found 118 endangered pangolins wrapped tightly in bags and staked on top of each other. 113 of them were still alive.

"We lost five pangolins right on the rescue scene," Phap Nguyen Cong, communications officer at Save Vietnam's Wildlife (SVW), the organization that was called in for emergency help for the animals said. "And the 113 left are under care of our staff."

Pangolins are the most trafficked animals in the world, with their meat and scales believed to have medicinal properties.

Save Vietnam Wildlife

It took hours to rescue and inspect all the pangolins found in the car before they were driven to the rescue center.

The poor creatures were immediately given food and water, something they had been deprived of for days.

Save Vietnam Wildlife

The pangolins are currently being held at Save Vietnam Wildlife, which is asking for donations to help feed the rescued animals.

Rescue 113 confiscated pangolins

Rescuing new 113 confiscated pangolins! It brings total of 139 pangolin current keeping at SVW. They require around 35kg of food everyday and lots of our human resources to look after for them. $10: you will help us to buy a kg of food to feed our pangolins. Please support SVW to take care and return those pangolins back into the wild:

Posted by Save Vietnam's Wildlife on Thursday, April 6, 2017

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