This Cat Grew Up Around Rhinos And Thinks He's A Rhino Too

Jamie Traynor has a lot of experience caring for orphaned animals, so when she found Mewie the cat abandoned in a nearby town, she took him to work with her.

But it just so happens Traynor works at a rhino orphanage in Limpopo, South Africa. Growing up around the huge animals, Mewie learned to act like them, and now he's perfectly comfortable around these creatures hundreds of times his size.

He's even become close friends with one, another orphan named Nandi.

Jamie Traynor

Nandi is a white rhino whose mother was shot by poachers. Helpless and alone, the poor baby ate dirt and sand before he was rescued by staff from the orphanage.

After going through painful stomach surgery and while adjusting to his new environment, Nandi needed around-the-clock care.

Traynor and Mewie stayed with him all the time, and the two orphaned animals quickly became close friends.

Jamie Traynor

Jamie Traynor

Today, they've both become friends with other rhinos in the sanctuary, but they still take long walks together. Mewie always gets tired before Nandi does, but Traynor carries him so the two friends can stay together as long as they want.

She says these two even snort and purr at each other, as if they can understand what the other is saying.

This is definitely a unique friendship, and we think these two are lucky they found each other.

Jamie Traynor

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