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This Cleaning Chemical Is Lurking In Your Ground Beef

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Most people don't think about what actually goes into their food, but if they ever really knew how their meat was processed, they might think twice about getting the grocery store brand!

From ground beef, to lunch meat, find out what exactly is going on with our greatest sources of popular protein.

If you are a meat-lover, you might have second thoughts after reading about these gross ingredients!

Take a scroll through the next few pages and see how many you already know about... we bet there's a surprise in her for some of you...


This stinky chemical found in most household cleaning products is used as a gas that kills germs in low-grade fatty beef trimmings.

Meat packing companies started the controversial process in 2001, which resulted in a disgusting product known as pink slime...


Yes, seriously. Bacteriophages are tiny bacteria-killing viruses that make bacteria sick. The process was approved for use in food in 2006.

It gets sprayed on ready-to-eat meat and deli products that are sold in sealed plastic pouches. One type combats E.coli and the other kills Listeria.

Your package will say: "bacteriophage preparation."

Gross - right? But wait! There's more...

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