This Coffee Chain Is Changing The Cup Game

Say goodbye to the green mermaid and hello to...pastels?

Starbucks just unveiled their new spring line of cups and they're definitely not what you'd think Starbucks looks like.

For the first time ever, the coffee giant will be rolling out spring-themed cups starting March 16th and only lasting for a few days.

There will be two different types of cups: ones with hand-drawn patterns and ones without.


The company is encouraging people to draw their own designs on the blank cups, kind of like an interactive coffee experience.

For now, it seems like people are totally fine with these new designs. It's a far cry from when customers boycotted their product because they decided to stay away from Christmas themed cups so as not to exclude any religion. Many people took this as an attack on their own beliefs and chose not to drink their coffee anymore (hey, if it means shorter lines for me, you do what you need to do.)

Will you be rushing out to get one of these cute new cups? Let us know!

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