This Company Will Make A Replica Of Your Rescue Dog For Free

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This Company Will Make A Replica Of Your Rescue Dog For Free

Last year, we told you about the super adorable Cuddle Clones, a custom-made life-size plush replica of your pet.

The company has since taken off and has created countless clones of people's pets with a portion of the proceeds donated to animal and wildlife charities. But, unfortunately not every pet owner can afford Cuddle Clones' somewhat expensive price tag.

Enter Pibborafi, a Toronto-based company that creates stuffed clones of rescue dogs for free! Sounds awesome, right?

Here's how it works: since the process is free and limited to rescue dogs, you'll have to submit your pet for consideration. If chosen, your pup's replica will be created and you will be sent two plushies free of charge! You won't even have to pay for shipping and handling.

The catch? Pibborafi will own the rights to your dog's plush replica which they intend to sell for profit to families  who may not be ready for the real deal just yet. They also donate their products to rescue shelters so they can use them as means to raise funds "for treating abandoned and abused dogs." Not a bad trade at all.

According to a statement on the company's website, the funds collected from selling the plushies are used to "funnel through animal rescues and shelter organizations, we are privileged to help all animals from Great Danes to squirrels and everything in between. The toys are simply a means to that end."

If you'd like to see your rescue pup brought to life in plush form, check out the Pibborafi website to get started. The plushies are also available for sale on Amazon.

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