This Dog Smiles So Much People Are Convinced She's Not Real

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This Dog Smiles So Much People Are Convinced She's Not Real

Jill Cox from Bicester, England, can't go to the dog park without peoples asking her to take pictures. She's not famous, but her pet dog Buffy is.

The 13-year-old Jack Russell has become a local celebrity and an internet sensation for her winning smile. Jill says Buffy is so popular that people actually message her when they're feeling down and ask for pictures of her dog.

This may seem strange, but for "Queen Buffy," as Jill calls her, it's just a normal day. And as you'll see this dog has a lot to smile about.

Jill imagines that Buffy has been smiling her whole life, but she and her husband Dave only started to notice it four years ago. Apparently, the dog makes her happy face dozens of times each day, including when she's sleeping.

To be fair, Buffy doesn't pay rent, she lives in a happy home, she gets taken on holidays with her owners, they buy her a birthday cake every year, and they even bought her special stairs to help her doggy arthritis. We'd all smile if we were looked after like that.

And Jill thinks that's just what the look is, real happiness on Buffy's face.

"Some people think it is just something she does with her mouth but I think Buffy's smile is a genuine smile in the same way a human would smile," Jill told The Mirror. "When she does it you can see she is happy."

Still, some people have the nerve to ask if Jill has been photoshopping her dog's grin. Luckily, by now she has thousands of photos to prove her dog's friendly face with.

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