This Dog Was Being Abused, But He Almost Died Saving Himself

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This Dog Was Being Abused, But He Almost Died Saving Himself

Aurora Lopez was absolutely shocked when she saw a dog on her balcony. But it's how the dog got there that concerned her even more.

Lopez saw the little dog on her balcony at 10pm on a Tuesday while she was in her apartment in Toronto. The dog was frighteningly thin with fur missing.

"I was in a moment of shock, I just couldn't believe there was a dog on my balcony," she said. "But then it clicked in right away."

The dog had climbed onto the ledge between the two balconies and walked across from his home to the Lopez residence. Here's where it gets scary: the ledge the dog walked on was only 4 inches wide...and 24 stories in the air. Not to mention icy, too (it IS Canada, after all.)

Lopez was concerned about what diseases the dog might have and she didn't want to expose her kids to the possibilities. Instead, she provided the dog with lots of blankets and water outside. She called her neighbor (the dog's owner) but there was no answer. Even when security banged on the neighbor's door, no one was home.

When the police came, it was determined that the dog was okay to come in the house. Lopez brought the little guy inside and gave him more water.

Lopez said she had only seen the dog one other time when it was born a year prior.

"I'm surprised the dog lasted this long," she said. "He felt really safe around me, the look he gave me was thank you."

The dog, who doesn't even have a name, is now in the custody of Toronto Animal Services along with the other dogs rescued from the neighbor.

"It's a miracle the dog's alive, he risked his life over that ledge, which is very, very thin to get to safety," Lopez said. "It's very heartwarming of how the situation turned out, but it's also very aggravating how somebody can treat their dogs like this.""Œ

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