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This Family's Controversial Pet Tigers Definitely Turn A Few Heads

Whether or not you think it is a wise choice to let a tiger into your home, this man has decided to treat these formally abused tigers remain as if they were just really big cats.

Aryas Borges rescues tigers that were being abused in the circus. He helps rehabilitate them, but now they have become one of the family.

He has raised many of the tigers since they were babies so he feels as though they are trustworthy. Have you ever dreamed about being like Princess Jasmine with her pet tiger? Well this man's three daughters got to feel like that for their whole lives.

One of the daughters even goes swimming with the big cats!

Borges plays with the tigers and loves having them around. He has plans to open up a 40 acre sanctuary where his tigers can have more space to run free.

The relationship with the tigers is a bit controversial even within their family. The oldest daughter's husband doesn't like that she spends so much time with such a dangerous animal. He is also unhappy that she lets their young daughter spend time with the cats.

What do you think? Is it safe to be so close to these tigers, or should they leave it to the professionals?

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