Think Your Pet Is Messy? Try Living With A 1,200 Pound Buffalo!

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Think Your Pet Is Messy? Try Living With A 1,200 Pound Buffalo!

Most people don't even like to share their home with really big dogs, but Ronald Bridges and his wife Sherron, two ranchers from Texas, call Wild Thing the 1,200 pound buffalo their pet.

The bridges used to own a whole herd of buffalo, but when Ronald began to lose his eyesight they sold the animals. Ronald kept one calf and decided to raise it like a housepet.

Wild Thing - who's 11 now - lives in their home, has his own room (including a TV) and even eats at the breakfast table with his adopted family. It's all a little unusual, but the Bridges say they love Wild Thing and they're happy to share their home with him.

Wild Thing is only allowed inside the house when the Bridges are alone. They say he could hurt somebody just by moving his giant head, so they have to be careful about who's near him.

Ronald says that Wild Thing likes to watch "fast moving stuff" on TV, but when he's not in the house he likes to play basketball, or stand under his favorite tree when he needs some alone time.

The Bridges have even involved Wild Thing in family events. He was the best man when they renewed their vows in 2008, and he carried their rings on his horns.

Like all pets he has some bad habits too. Aside from knocking into their furniture and scraping their windows with his horns, apparently Wild Thing loves to chase the Bridges' garbage bin.

"Whenever Ronald takes it to be emptied, Wildthing follows it and tries to wrestle with it," Sherron told the Daily Mail.

It seems like it would be stressful living with a buffalo in the house, but this couple says he's "a real softie at heart" and have no complaints about their unusual pet.

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