This Former Stray Is Traveling The Country With His Best Friend

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This Former Stray Is Traveling The Country With His Best Friend

Paul Robertson is a truck driver who was heartbroken when his long time road trip companion Howie passed away. After some time alone, he wanted to have a new friend to take on the road with him.

That was when he met Percy, an adorable orange cat with a clipped ear. "When I first adopted Percy I noticed that his right eye was a little battered. Also just above that, he had almost no whiskers on his right eyebrow. And when he opens his mouth, the lower fang on his right side is also gone," Robertson says suspecting Percy lived on the streets before being rescued.

Percy adapted to trucking life quickly and has traveled thousands of miles with his partner. He even has his own special platform on the passenger seat that raises him up so he can bask in the sun easier.

He is very affectionate, and Paul says that "while I'm driving he often climbs onto my lap and rubs his cheek against me, or just sits there and purrs. And the end of the day he gets quite happy because he knows it's dinner time."

At rest stops, Percy likes to watch the birds and people walk by while he sits in window. It's like it's his favorite TV show!

Robertson likes to make sure his buddy knows how much he means to him and says that "I would frequently pick him up and look at his eye, then hug him and whisper to him, 'You've had it tough, but you're okay now. I'll take care of you. You'll always have a warm bed and good food and water, and I'll always look out for you. Don't worry. You're safe.'"

Every night when the snuggle up to go to sleep he always says to Percy "You're safe. I'm not going anywhere".

Could you imagine getting to spend every day with your best bud?