This Gentle Giant Has A New Career That Will Warm Your Heart

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This Gentle Giant Has A New Career That Will Warm Your Heart

When you think of a service animal, you probably think of a Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd or maybe a Labrador Retriever. They are usually mid-sized dogs who are smart and attentive. Well, In Australia they decided it was time to go bigger!

Baron is a Bull Mastiff and he has just started a new career as a therapy pet and he may be the biggest one ever! He weighs 115 kilograms which is over 250 pounds!

He's over 2 meters from nose to tail and while he is a giant, he is nothing but a big ol' softy. He started his training only a little while ago, after being deemed Australia's biggest dog in September.

His owners enrolled him in the Nepean Therapy Dogs (NTD) Programme and now he gets to visit schools and hospitals.

The school loves when Baron visits and the kids love to read to him. The principal of Penrith Valley School, Nicholas Danta, says that "It's fantastic for the students who read to the dogs because [the animals] are not judgmental. Also, there is no pressure on the children while if they read to adults, [the students] could shut down."

"Baron gets along with everyone. He's still growing and should become bigger and broader in 12 months time but he will not get taller," his owner Dororthy York says, "[Baron] eats one kilo of beef or chicken in the morning along with biscuits and the same again at night."

"He's there interacting with the children, helping them with their reading programs...just being lovable and being there to be hugged," Timothy Smith of the NTD said.

He just proves that even the big pups are very good dogs!