This Girl's Reaction To Beauty and the Beast Will Make Your Heart Glad

If you can only have one goal in life, it should be to get as excited about something as this little girl is about going to see Beauty and the Beast.

This family from Columbia, South Carolina managed tickets to an advancing screening of the live-action Beauty and the Beast. That meant their original plan of seeing it on opening day was going to have to change.

Little Girl Sad

When the little girl heard the news it was like her entire life just got better. I've seen people find out they won the lottery who weren't this excited.

"Remember how I said we were going to see Beauty and the Beast tomorrow?" asks the mom.

"Uhuh," nodded the girl.

"Well we won't be able to," teases the mom, who really should know better than to play with someone's heart like this.


At this point you can see how near the verge of tears the little girl is, but I have to give her credit for not immediately losing it. I hope I have that much composure some day.

"Because we're going tonight!"

Boom. Fireworks, or something even better. Her little smile is enough to light up anyone's life and her adorable reaction will have you grinning from ear to ear.

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