This Grandma Is Taking Over the Internet and We Love It

This grandmother has become an internet sensation after a photo of her doing shots with a group of spring breakers while on holiday in Mexico, has gone viral.

While on vacation in Mexico, Doreen Grett of Colorado, shared a picture of her and 3 students by the pool captioned "Shots with the girls" with her friends on Facebook. Later her granddaughter Payton then shared the photo on her Twitter account and it instantly got attention of thousands.

After the post blew up, it reached one of the girls in the photo who gushed over Doreen and what a joy it was to hang out with her in Playa Grande, Cabo San Lucas. Anna Maria then shared the video footage she captured from the time to show that age is really just a number for this grandma.

Payton later posted a screenshot of a conversation with her grandmother, showing that Grandma Doreen is definitely feeling the love on social media.

We all hope we can be like Doreen one day!

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