This Is No Cartoon: Pet Bird And Cat Are Unlikely Friends

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This Is No Cartoon: Pet Bird And Cat Are Unlikely Friends

Move over Tweety and Sylvester, there's a new cat and bird pair that are just as cute, plus they get along much better.

Irina Stepanova from Russia took a big risk even bringing a pet parrot home when she already owned a cat. Experts warn that these two species just cannot get along together (no matter how cute they look in photos). Stepanova was worried at first too, but when she introduced her cat Bonifazii to Yasha the parrot, things went really well.

"He flew and Bonifazii calmly watched the parrot. Then Yasha landed on the floor and met the cat," she told The Dodo. Ever since that day they've become close friends, and according to Stepanova, Yasha "immediately looks for the cat" whenver she's out of her cage.

One explanation for why this pair get along so well is that Bonifazii is very relaxed in his old age. At 10 years old he seems very calm, and with a house full of food there's no reason for him to pick on Yasha.

By now, Stepanova trust these two so much that she leaves Yasha out of her cage when she's gone.

There's no telling why they have such a special relationship, but it's a good reminder that no matter our differences we can all learn to get along.

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