This Is The Least Controversial Don Cherry Has Ever Been


This Is The Least Controversial Don Cherry Has Ever Been

Don Cherry is a national icon in Canada.

Every week he graces us with his beautiful (and definitely NOT tacky) suits that are often neon colored and wildly printed.

Canadians gather around the TV with baited breath every Saturday night, waiting to hear what nuggets of wisdom Don Cherry is going to drop on viewers during Coach's Corner. He rarely disappoints, and is always an incredibly non-biased announcer who views both sides of the story.


Don Cherry is KNOWN for his controversial rants on subjects, such as allowing European players into the league. He's got a Canada-first mentality and refuses to budge. The former player and coach is always trying to teach the kids something, but he usually just ends up offending half the nation. He's like that old uncle that you just nod along to because you don't want to get into it on Christmas Eve.

Even Ron MacLean has his moments with Don!

But we have found possibly the least controversial thing Don Cherry has ever done...and honestly, it's not even him that did it!

Don Cherry Piano Desk is arguably one of the most popular things to come out of Canadian hockey other than Wayne Gretzky. If you haven't seen it, then buckle up. Because this is going to leave you in tears.

Even after all you've said, Don Cherry, we love you. Hockey Night In Canada would never be the same without you!

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