'This Is Us' Star Speaks Out After Awkward Golden Globes Microphone Moment

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'This Is Us' Star Speaks Out After Awkward Golden Globes Microphone Moment

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From announcing the wrong winner (looking at you Warren Beatty) at the Oscars to making insensitive jokes at the Golden Globes (ahem, Ricky Gervais), there are always moments at every award show that make us cringe.

Last night's 76th Golden Globes Awards show was no different. There was no shortage of jaw-dropping moments, from Christian Bale thanking Satan for inspiring his winning portrayal of Dick Cheney to A Star is Born getting snubbed for the Best Picture trophy.

However, there was one very awkward incident involving This Is Us star Chrissy Metz that took place even before the show started and it had social media buzzing all night long.

In what many initially dubbed as 2019's first celebrity feud, Metz was caught supposedly calling her fellow actress Alison Brie "a b**ch" towards the end of her interview for the event's Facebook Live pre-show.

As the camera panned to show Brie at the other end of the carpet, Metz, who was chatting with hosts Missi Pyle and AJ Gibson, did not realize that her microphone was still hot when she let those words slip.

The video of the moment circulating on social media had many people convinced that she did indeed slam the GLOW star, but once she became aware of the controversy, Metz took to Twitter to defend herself.

"It's terribly unfortunate anyone would think much less run a story that was completely fabricated!" Metz wrote. "I adore Alison and would never say a bad word about her, or anyone! I sure hope she knows my heart."

While speaking with Variety, Metz said she got in touch with Brie soon after to clear the air.

"I don't talk about people like that," she explained. "I just don't. It really gutted me for the first half of the show but then I messaged Alison ."

Brie allegedly emailed back during the show, saying "It's all good. I know you. It's just a rumor."

During an interview with Vanity Fair reporter Nicole Sperling, Brie was apparently very confused by it all and questioned why anyone would think Metz made that comment.

"I know her," Brie said, according to Sperling. "I saw her on the carpet and I told her how beautiful she looked."

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Gibson later backed up Metz by revealing that he thought she said Alison is "such a babe."

Many of Metz's fans are also not convinced that the actress made the controversial remark, but if she did, some argued that she might have said it as a joke because the pair are friends. They were even photographed together at last year's Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Did you hear Chrissy Metz call Alison Brie out or did she say something else?

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