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This Is What Happens In Your Stomach When You Drink Coca-Cola [VIDEO]

To a certain degree, we are all aware that soda is very bad for our health. Besides the staggering amount of sugar packed in a can of soda, you know it is harmful when it can be used to clean toilet bowls and other household items.

Coca-Cola is once again making headlines for being a silent killer. A video has surfaced this week and it will make you think twice before you down a another can of Coke.

The YouTube video which was posted by Molten Sciences carries out an experiment to demonstrate what happens in your stomach when you consume the fizzy drink.

The alarming experiment starts off with a man pouring a can of coke into a glass filled with a clear liquid that stimulates stomach acid. A few seconds later, bubbles begin to form and ooze all over like lava. Within minutes, the dark mixture begins to change in texture and rise in temperature, resulting in a black sludge that definitely can't be good for anyone's stomach.

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Some viewers argued that the experiment is flawed because the acid used isn't really similar to stomach acid while others decided to swear off Coke for good.

You can be the judge after you watch the eye-opening video below.

Will you be still be drinking Coca-Cola?