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You Have Got To See These Dogs Amazing Reactions To The Words "I Love You"

Sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to figure out what your dog is thinking. I mean, sure they can wag their tails and all but how much of what we are saying do they really understand?

A couple weeks ago some Reddit users decided to try an experiment where they would photograph their dogs before and after calling them a "good boy", but another website has tried a different approach.

Dogster wanted to know if dogs really did notice when we told them "I love you" so they tried it out and the results are absolutely heart warming.

They start out confused, but once you get their attention and say those magical three words, it's too perfect.

It is just about the sweetest thing you could imagine.

They all get the biggest smiles on their faces!

Do you think they understand what it means?

Some of them look a little bit confused, but very intrigued.

And some literally jumped for joy.

So go tell your dogs you love them and send us the pictures! We want to know what your dogs think!

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