This Kid Is 'Apparently' The Funniest To Appear On Ellen


This Kid Is 'Apparently' The Funniest To Appear On Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres is well-known for her ability to scout kids who are crazy talented.

Singers, dancers, magicians, you name it.

But Noah Ritter really only has one talent: talking.

Noah Ritter became a viral sensation when an interview of him at a local fair sent everyone into fits of laughter. Noah just kept saying "apparently" in every sentence and it was just about the funniest thing ever.

When Ellen caught wind of the Internet sensation, she knew she had to have him on the show.

Noah came on and stole the hearts of everyone. From his stories about the hotel room, to comparing kindergarten to prison, to talking about pizza, Noah put a smile on everyone's face!

Noah even became a Vine sensation before the site shut down.

Noah Ritter is now a recurring guest on Ellen's show, always good for a laugh and a quotable moment!

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