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This Kind Woman Had Feeding These Hungry Sisters For Weeks, Then They Surprised Her With 8 Babies

When the kind woman who had been feeding two stray sister cats opened her door, she wasn't expecting to see the happy surprise they brought to her patio.

The gentle sisters, Artemis and Apollo, introduced their eight fur babies to Thoa, Thi and Tram Bui of Lilo The Husky, trusting that they would help care for the little ones.

Although their hands were full, they knew exactly who to contact: Mini Cat Town. The rescue agency took in all 10 kitties and reached out to others for support.

The mothers were so closely bonded that they would snuggle while feeding their little ones. Sometimes they'd take turns nursing so the other could eat or rest.

Wendy and Casper are curious cuties!

Artemis' babies: Jack, Kit Kat, Wendy and Castper!

These little sweeties are Apollo's babies: Reese, Salem, Stella and Phantom!

After lots of TLC, the kittens grew big enough to be adopted into their forever families and even the mamas found a forever home together!

Visit Mini Cat Town on Facebook to see more adoptable animals.

[h/t Cats Meow Lovers]

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