This Lion Cub Wouldn't Have Survived Without These Rescuers

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This Lion Cub Wouldn't Have Survived Without These Rescuers

Magnus the lion was taken away from his mother just a few days after his birth. He was turned into a tourist attraction at a Spanish circus for people to take photos with.

In order to keep him as small as possible, and continue their money-making scheme, the circus owners fed the young lion only yogurt and bread so that he wouldn't grow up too fast. However, his stunted growth wasn't the only health issue. After not receiving the proper diet for so long, Magnus' esophagus narrowed and made eating extremely difficult, if not impossible.

When the circus owner noticed the declining health of the animal, he brought Magnus to be euthanized. That was when a group of dedicated and extrodinary people stepped up and saved him. A surgery was arranged for his esophagus issue to be corrected and his diet was changed to something more fitting of this gorgeous animal.

The recovery was a difficult process but the group of people didn't give up and now Magnus is happy and healthy. His story is incredible, and definitely worth a watch! It's so great to see people standing up for animals!