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Little Pony Likes To Horse Around, And It's Pretty Adorable

Horses are mostly majestic creatures. They have flowing manes and tails, powerful muscles, and shiny fur coats. But what about miniature horses? They don't have the shiny coat or lean physique. What makes them special?

A cute video of a pony is making the rounds on social media, and rightly so. This little guy has a special skill bigger horses don't have: he's a wonderful dancer!  

USA Today posted the video with the caption "This Pony Likes To Horse Around." And does he ever! He prances up and down, bobs his head side to side, and rears up on his hind legs to shake his tiny front hooves.

Just look at him. Wouldn't you love to have a pony as a pet?

USA Today

Watch the full video of all his dance moves here, and don't forget to share with your horse-loving friends!