This Man Waited For Hours To Get Once In A Lifetime Shot

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This Man Waited For Hours To Get Once In A Lifetime Shot

Wait for it. You have to be pretty dedicated to get a photo like this. This guy was. Sigurdur William, a professional photographer, camped out at the edge of Kerid volcanic crater lake in Iceland to capture this amazing shot.

William owns ArcticShots, a photography tour business with spectacular travel photos of Iceland. I'm sure you've seen his photo of the Sní¦fellsnes Peninsula somewhere on the internet. Every single photo will make you want to put Iceland on your bucket list!

Kerid was a cone volcano thousands of years ago, but it collapsed into itself, creating a huge red crater rich with mineral deposits. The hole is approximately 180 feet deep and lies at the edge of southwestern Iceland.

You'll want to scroll all the way to the bottom to see THE photo.

This is the photo you've been waiting for, and it's stunning. Sigurdur William captured the glory of the Northern Lights reflected in the arctic lake. WOW.

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