Mom Left Her Sleeping Baby Alone in a Hotel Room to Go Have Dinner

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Becoming a new parent can be a huge adjustment for some, where they are missing the days of freedom and not having to worry about the responsibility of caring for an infant. Not being able to come and go as you please, having to be up multiple times a night and the constant need to 'be there' at a moment's notice can really drag down your social life.

A confession posted in the Telegraph from a new mom going by the pseudonym of Frequent Crier, sparked a heated debate over the well-being of her child. In her frank, honest post, she admits to leaving her 11 month old child asleep in a hotel room while she had dinner with her husband.

"We ate, we drank and we were back in the room, brushing our teeth and undressing with the stealth of ninjas, by 10pm," she wrote.

"I’m new to motherhood and it is fair to say that, while pregnant and in the exhausting first few months of my daughter’s life, I missed my freedom and the ease with which I wined, dined and speed-dialed an Uber home without a second thought," she wrote.

Realizing that her actions may not have been the wisest, she consulted with a group of friends about whether what she did was good idea. But the reaction her friends had left her more confused then ever...

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