This New Car Has Everything A Dog Lover Could Want

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This New Car Has Everything A Dog Lover Could Want

If you've had to wipe down your car's back seats because they were covered in muddy little paw prints, you'll be happy to know that some high-paid engineers have been hard at work designing a solution.

The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is an improved version of the company's regular X-Trail with a ton of added features dog owners will love. The entire trunk aspace has been redesigned as a cozy place for your dog to safely relax, and with the 2-way "dog-cam" you can even check on them while you drive.

The car was designed based on a survey of more than 1,300 dog owners from the UK, and it's full of all their best ideas. There's a harness so your dog has their own seat belt, extra space for their toys, a water and treat dispenser and an extendable dog ramp to help them get inside.

Nissan also knows how much you hate that wet dog smell your pooch picks up after playing outside. You can wash and dry them with the built-in doggie cleaning tools, then turn on the car's dog heater to blow away the stink.

The car is only a concept for now, but if enough pet owners respond well it could be on the market soon. Hopefully Nissan will do the right thing and design a version for cats. Maybe one that lets them turn off the 2-way camera when they need some "me-time" away from their human.

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