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This New Dance Craze Mixes Two Unlikely Styles Into Something Amazing

When you think of ballerinas and ballet in general, you tend to get a vision of very poised and technical dancing. Hip hop however, has a more easy going feel with a lot more personality infused.

When you start to think of mixing up dance styles, these two probably would have been your last choice. But as it turns out, when you mix ballet and hip hop it turns into something truly amazing.

Hiplet (Hip hop +Ballet) was created by Homer Hans Bryant at the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center and it has taken off like crazy.

This style of dancing has become a huge hit and some of the girls even got to be in a commercial for Desidual jeans! The creator says that the clothing company reached out to some of the girls over Instagram after many of their videos went viral.

The girls were flown to Barcelona where they filmed an awesome ad, showing off their moves in the jeans.

Creator Bryant is trying to figure out the next moves for his dance style. He has been asked if they will take a show on the road so he might be setting up a travelling company for the dancers to continue this professionally!

Would you like to watch a Hiplet performance?