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This North Carolina Restaurant Bans Kids Under 5 Because They Disrupt The Ambiance

It might be a controversial move for some restaurants, but Caruso's Fine Dining in North Carolina stands behind it's policy to ban children under 5 years old from the establishment.

"People don't want to come in and spend money on a nice meal and an evening out, when there's constantly food on the floor, loud electronic devices keeping kids entertained and small children was the right decision for my business," the restaurant's owner, Pasquale Caruso, told the Morresville Tribune.

Food & Wine writer, Noah Kaufman, points out that the Italian restaurant is located in Mooresville, North Carolina - a town of just 35,000 people north of Charlotte. Not exactly, New York's Le Bernardin or Jean-Georges, yet Caruso's small town location won't deter it from following the big city fine dining trend.

Being from a small town, the restaurant braced for negative feedback. Surprisingly, the response has been positive - at least it has on the restaurant's unofficial Facebook page: reviewers called the policy "wonderful" and "excellent."

General manager of Caruso's told the local ABC affiliate that most of the blame for the policy belongs to the parents: "sometimes the children become rowdy, and some of our other guests, it has mad them upset because the parents don't do the right thing of taking the child out."

However, some Yelp reviews point out that it's a little pretentious for a restaurant located in a strip mall.

What do you think? Is it right to ban children from restaurants?

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