This Parrot's Cover Of Rihanna's Hit Song Is Unbelievable

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This Parrot's Cover Of Rihanna's Hit Song Is Unbelievable

We've shared lots of videos of great singers with you before, but this one takes the take. Most parents can barely manage "Polly want a cracker," but this songbird from South America does a pitch-perfect cover of Rihanna.

If you've listened to the radio for more than five minutes since 2013 you've probably heard the song "Monster" by Eminem, where Rihanna sings the chorus. This bird has learned all the lyrics and has obviously rehearsed a lot. When you watch this version with the original music added in by YouTube user Ursinarium, it sounds just like the original!

See if you can tell the difference:

Somebody should get this dog on The Voice, pronto!

Unfortunately, the bird's owner says this is the only English song it knows, and most of the time it only talks in Portugese. It must be a really big Rihanna fan to learn her songs in a second language!

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