This Humble Couple Have Gone Viral After Spending Just $1 On Their Marriage.

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This Humble Couple Have Gone Viral After Spending Just $1 On Their Marriage.

A pair of lovebirds from Kenya made headlines around the world for their incredibly humble wedding, but what happened next was really special.

Ann Wambui and Wilson Mutura were married in Nairobi last month in a wedding so simple it cost almost nothing. The couple wore t-shirts, and Ann had a jean skirt on instead of a dress, and no makeup.

There were no guests except the other members of their church, including two who volunteered to be the bridesmaid and best man. There wasn't a photographer either, but their pastor snapped a few pictures with his phone that went viral when he shared them on Facebook.

The couple originally wanted a more expensive wedding, but they changed their minds when they fell on hard times. Ann helps Wilson sell apples in the city, but he's paid on commission, so when business is bad money gets tight.

So the couple scrapped their plans and decided on their more affordable one. In the end, the only cost was the 100 Kenyan shillings (about 96 cents in American dollars) that Wilson spent on a pair of rings. The church covered the cost of the marriage license.

People saw photos from the budget ceremony and shared how impressed they were with the young people for putting love before any thing else.

Eventually, local businesses heard about this one of a kind ceremony and offered to help this happy couple start their new lives on the right foot. A photographer offered Ann a free photoshoot with makeup for Valentine's day, a volunteer from the US pledged to help her start a business of her choice, and an event planner even offered to host a more glamorous weddding so their friends and family could watch them get married in style.

But first, Ann and Wilson were whisked off on an all expenses paid vacation to a beach resort in Mombasa, something they could only have dreamed of just a few weeks ago.

This story just proves that if you put love before money, life will reward you eventually!

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