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This Puppy Passes Out Every Day, But It's Fine

Who doesn't love puppies? You'll have one more reason to love them if you watch this video by 23-year-old pet owner Amy Horton from McKinney, Texas!

Amy compiled video clips of her adorable Corgi named Maggie, who is extra-special. Maggie loves to wander around the house and play with her toys like any other dog, but she has a unique condition that causes her to do something most pups don't.

In the middle of playing with a toy or running around the house, Maggie's legs give out under her without warning, causing her to "splat" onto the ground. But it doesn't hurt her at all. The cute little corgi splays out on the floor for just a moment before getting up again like nothing happened.

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"I have never seen any corgi sploot that much, that often, and that cute," says Amy. "It's definitely a corgi thing, I've seen other dogs do similar sploots, but I haven't seen anything as adorable as Maggie doing it."

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While other dogs occasionally pass out randomly, Maggie has a health issue that causes her "sploots" to happen more frequently. She tires very fast so her body gives her an instant nap whenever she needs it!

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"Maggie was born with a heart defect which resulted in her body being less active, thankfully she had heart surgery and she has recovered, but she still splits around the house," the dog's owner says.

Caters News Agency

We think Maggie the corgi is the cutest puppy ever and she's perfect just the way she is! What do you think?

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