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He May Look Different, But This Puppy Doesn't Let That Stop Him

Puppies love to play and run around the yard, but this little guy has a unique condition. Although most pups have two pairs of legs when they're born, Pippin was born with his hind legs only.

That isn't stopping him though! Little Pippin spends most of his time jumping around like a kangaroo, rolling in the grass, and crawling on his tummy.

His is the sweetest little guy - just look at that smile!

The Dodo

Pippin doesn't let his disability get in the way of having fun. The way he jumps around the yard reminds us of a jackrabbit!

The Dodo

Right now, Pippin lives with a foster family who take good care of him. As soon as he's big enough, he will get a custom set of wheels so he can get around better.

The Dodo

Once he has wheels, Pippin will be up for adoption! Would you take this little fellow in?

Do you want to support this little guy in his journey? Donate to LoveyLoaves dog rescue here!

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